Arthur Klepchukov presenting at the ReactJS San Francisco meetup

Let’s design together

I prefer email, but we can also connect on LinkedIn.

How we'll work together


Art is a tireless advocate for customers. He has an innate passion for and curiosity about the process of design that makes him an invaluable member of a team. Art asks great questions, demonstrates terrific empathy for users, and is a thoughtful and thorough designer. He's an enthusiastic contributor, and fun to work with — highly recommended.

Jim Lane, VP of UX, Virtru


His dedication to understanding the “why” behind everything we wanted to build pushed our team to deepen our understanding of the user, think about how to prototype things more creatively, and improve the quality of our research and prototypes. … I found him very capable of doing all types of user research—exploratory, in-depth, remote, in situ, surveys, guerrilla—and trusted him to take on a full cycle of prototyping and testing when we had several concepts happening at once.

Christine Yeh, UX Designer, TheRightMargin


Art has the ability to think across UX, design, engineering, analytics, and marketing. His approaches are always even-keeled and thoughtful and he is comfortable leading projects or supporting other team members who may be running specific experiments. … I found his deep empathy for the user to be his greatest attribute.

Will Sullivan, Head of Marketing, TheRightMargin


Art is one of the best teammates I've ever worked with. He always looks out for the team's best interest and is a natural leader, pushing anyone he is working with to the next level. As an engineer he is detailed oriented and always looking to up his game with best practices and improvements in tooling and workflow. He also has a passion for UX and truly cares about the user.

Elyse Kolker Gordon, Web Lead, Vevo

Alignment—beyond visuals

I’m at my best as a UX Designer that’s part of a talented design team. I care about fostering creativity in others—via products used to make creative work, things that enable learning or inspiration, or productivity tools that leave more room for a creative life.

If I could wave a magic wand…

My dream design job would be to work on an operating system that successfully challenges the desktop metaphor, in a way that mobile ones have not.

I prefer email, but we can also connect on LinkedIn.